Data Terra

A research plateform for earth observation

Using satellite imagery to establish a link between the environment, the habitats that are favourable to these species, and the human and animal populations at risk

Annelise TRAN, CIRAD researcher and THEIA Risks associated with Infectious Diseases SEC, shares her vision of Theia consortium, its achievements as well as the challenges ahead.


“What motivates my interest in THEIA, but also in the very idea of data consortia, are the ever-changing activities and the associated challenges.”

Arnaud Sellé, CNES-Partner Interoperability Manager for DINAMIS, Theia & ForM@Ter, gives us his vision of Theia contributions and challenges.


Theia programme at Living Planet Symposium

Go to Bonn with Theia’s Living Planet programme in your pocket!


Theia|OZCAR: a single portal dedicated to in situ observation data

Focus on Theia|Ozcar IS, a unique portal project dedicated to in situ observation data.


Theia @ the 2019 Living Planet Symposium

Meet with our SEC facilitators as well as Data Terra and ForM@ter facilitators at the Living Planet Symposium.