Internal Research Fellow for New Space Data Quality Assessment

ESA offers a post-doc position in the (vast) area of “optical and SAR data quality and ARD”.

Activities :

  • reviewing the calibration, validation and quality reports from various high-resolution missions in optical and SAR domains;
  • developing approaches/methods/criteria for assessing the quality of high-resolution products in optical and SAR domains;
  • developing a Quality Maturity Matrix for various data sets in optical and SAR domains, based on standardised criteria;
  • developing the concept of Analysis-Ready Data, in particular for high-resolution (spatial) data sets in optical and SAR domains;
  • developing procedures/methods to assess Analysis-Ready Data maturity;
  • proposing innovation in the area of EO product algorithm development, calibration and validation, through a collaborative framework with remote-sensing scientists, aiming to introduce more flexibility into the ESA services to EO users;
  • continuously assessing evolving user requirements regarding ESA EO optical missions in terms of data quality, calibration and validation, exploring potential synergies with missions under EOP-responsibility;
  • fostering the ESA stra4egy and innovation in terms of algorithms, calibration and validation of ESA
  • EO optical and SAR data products, including harmonization and standardization with European, international scientific partners.

Application deadline is 14 of July 2020

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