Tool Access

To install FragScape, QGIS 3.4 or more is necessary.

FragScape requires QGIS 3. Go to plugins menu, install/manage plugins, activate experimental plugins and FragScape should be available. Install it and a grid icon should appear. Otherwise, it is available in plugins menu.

→ FragScape User Guide


FragScape is a QGIS 3 plugin.

Its purpose is to compute landscape fragmentation metrics defined by Jaeger (Jaeger 2000). Among these metrics, effective mesh size has been widely used to quantify landscape fragmentation.

FragScape defines a 4 steps process from raw data to computed metrics and allow user to save configuration so that results can be reproduced with same context.

Application example

It has been developed by Mathieu Chailloux at INRAE, for the French ecological network resource center (driven by French ministry of ecology).


Mathieu Chailloux INRAE|Tetis

Mathieu Chailloux
INRAE | Tetis

Jennifer Amsallem
INRAE | Tetis

Jean-Pierre Chéry