Theia Digital Soil Mapping Scientific Expertise Centre (SEC) brings together teams from Lisah, InfoSol, UR Sols, EcoSys, SAS, Onera and BRGM that develop mapping of sustained properties of soils, intended for scientists and players responsible for public policies.

GlobalSoilMap, the product resulting from the Digital soil mapping SEC, has a scale from 30 to 100 m and covers France and smaller territories (regions, watersheds).

The data used are multispectral and superspectral data (Sentinel 2), soil data, digital elevation models (DEM), hyperspectral data (EnMAP, HYPXIM) and airborne gamma-radiometric data.

An example of a GlobalSoilMap France product. Soil pH prediction images (5-15 cm); in the centre modal value, left and right lower and upper bounds of the 90% confidence interval.


  • 2016: Operation of the algorithm incubator
  • GlobalSoilMap in the pilot regions: Centre, Languedoc-Roussillon, etc.
  • 2017-18: GlobalSoilMap coverage for all of France + methodology guide
  • 2020: Availability of the national GlobalSoilMap cartography
  • 2021: Availability of maps for some French regions.
  • 2021-2022: Availability of Digital Educational Resources


Anne Richer-de-Forges
INRAE | unité InfoSol, Orléans

Philippe Lagacherie
INRAE | Lisah 


Digital educational resources for soil mapping:

Theia Digital Soil Mapping SEC has its own website: