MAJA is already ready for CAMS

CAMS (Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service) has been distributing a new version of its aerosol products since June 27, 2023, under the name 48r1. As these changes have a direct impact on MAJA and Theia’s surface reflectance products, we have had to adapt our tool to the new data. The new version should be available this autumn.

But meanwhile, a study carried out over the summer by Jérôme Colin at CESBIO, validated that the current version of MAJA already provides good results with the new version of CAMS 48r1 data. As a result, we have resumed our production with CAMS, without having to wait for the new version. The new version will be put in production after validation, and should further enhance the results.

A summary of the validation study is available on the CESBIO website

The MAJA team.

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The development of CAMS aerosol products requires MAJA to be adapted and has an impact on the production of Reflectance Theia products.