Snow & Ice

Understanding and documenting the evolution of often poorly accessible but central environments in global equilibria.

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[Just Released] Theia Bulletin N°16


Glacier Ice Thickness Distribution

Mapping ice thicknesses based on glacial flow velocities for more than 200,000 glaciers on Earth.


Glacier surface flow velocity, 2017-2018


Do you know the SCO?

The SCO facilitators discuss the Space Climate Observatory project, through which several THEIA SECs and RANs projects have been labelled.


Providing key information for environmental studies to document changes and trends

Meet with Silvia Valero, the new facilitator for Theia Land Cover SEC. She shares here her ambitions and expectations.


Just Released: Theia Bulletin n°15

Read the new Theia Bulletin with all the network news, a selection of focuses on products and much more.


Pan-European High-Resolution Snow & Ice Monitoring Product.

Register now to the upcoming online launch event for the Pan European High Resolution Snow & Ice Monitoring Product.


Monitoring 700,000 km² of the world’s glaciers

The Rate of Glaciers Elevation Change product is now available on Theia. It provides a map of the elevation changes of all glaciers on the globe between 2000 and 2019.

Rate of glacier elevation changes from 2000 to 2019

The product #Glacier Elevation Change is now available on Theia. It offers a mapping of the rate of elevation changes for all glaciers on the globe between 2000 and 2019.


Copernicus delivers high-Resolution Snow Products Over Europe, Inspired by a Theia Product

Discover the Copernicus FSC product and its links with Theia Snow product.


Just released: Theia Bulletin n°13

Discover the content of Theia Bulletin n°13


Glacier equilibrium-line altitude product: 240 Alpine glaciers now documented

Discover the product Glacier equilibrium line altitude, documenting the evolution of 240 glaciers in the European Alps between 2000 and 2016.